Pink Dog Collars

The Quest For a Pink Dog Collar
By Chuck Jines

This can apply to just about any item, from cell phones to a fishing pole--but, try finding a very specific kind of pink dog collar at your local store.
A new puppy
One time, we bought my youngest daughter a new puppy for a gift, and she just had to have sparkly pink dog collar for her new-found best of friends. I'm not talking about any old K-9 collar, but a sparkly pink collar! I knew from the start that this could be a difficult task, and that there was no point in trying to convince her of any other type of collar. So, off we go in search for what she is looking for. It has to be just right for her new furry friend.
The quest is on
First we try all the major stores in our area. We can't find what we are looking for. This all takes about one hour having to drive around to each store. Taking the time to find a parking spot, and walk through each store can be fun at first, but it starts to get old rather fast.
The next places to investigate are the specialty pet stores in your local area, and sometimes not-so local! I normally try and avoid these because you can end up spending more money for the same item at a specialty store when compared to other places. But when you are desperate to find what you are looking for, you're willing to go the extra mile.
Out of local options
Sometimes you can run into the same problem here--they don't have what you are looking for. In fact, I have often noticed that many of these places offer the exact same items as the other retail outlets! What a bummer when you have a serious situation like a little girl that wants a sparkly pink dog collar for her new pup.
The online quest begins
When you can't find a specialty item in your local area, time to start surfing cyber space. However, this too can be an adventure as well. Often the sites that show up in search results can fall short of what you had expected. Some only have one or two items that fall in the same category of what it is you are looking for. But sometime you hit the jackpot and find a sit that has a large selection of just what you were looking for. Again, this can apply to just about any specialty item, or specific product that you could be looking for.
A happy ending
This was the case for our quest for a sparkly pink dog collar. We finely found just the right collar for her new fussy friend. This can generally be the case for many things that you are on the quest for. This is just one on many great things about the modern world that now includes that thing we call cyber space. Wherever that may be, it often has just what you are looking for. From information on just about anything, to the perfect pink dog collar!
Whatever your choice in style, for whatever your dog's personality, be sure to check out my home page for more information on pink dog collars.
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